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The President



  • Performs supervisory functions and remains responsible for the coordination of the operations performed by the individual departments of the Foundation and the relevant public sectors,
  • The Management Board of the Foundation,
  • The Office of the Orchestra,
  • The Department for the Management of Artistic Activities,
  • The Budget and Accounting Department,
  • The Legal Department,
  • The Department of Logistics, Investments and Modernisation,
  • The Department of Cooperation with Central and Local Government Institutions,
  • The Multimedia Department,
  • The Department of Cooperation with the Orchestra and Solo Artists

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A manager with over 20 years of experience as managing director in the field of management of cultural institutions.

The Head of the Foundation and the "SONATA" Bogumił Łepecki Warsaw Symphony Orchestra since nearly 20 years (starting in 1989).

Responsible for the organizational efforts resulting in more than 400 chamber music and symphony orchestra concerts being performed in Poland, in Europe and worldwide, including 10 international tours in Europe, the Middle East and North America, as well as in the United Kingdom, Germany (three times), France (two times), Austria, Belgium, Lithuania, Sweden, Israel, and Mexico.

Prepared the Orchestra for a multitude of concerts played in the course of state celebrations, both in Poland and abroad. Organized a dozen-odd live performance recordings in cooperation with the Polish Television (TVP).

Odznaczony przez Prezydenta RP Lecha Wałęse SREBRNYM KRZYŻEM ZASŁUGI

In 1994, he was awarded the Silver Cross of Merit by the President of the Republic of Poland, Lech Wałęsa, the award itself being granted at the initiative of such preeminent figures in the field of culture as professor Aleksander Gieysztor , Ph.D. and professor Andrzej Stelmachowski, Ph.D.

In 1998, he successfully passed the state examination for candidates for membership of supervisory boards in state-owned companies.

 Dyplom Ministra Skarbu Państwa
Złoty Laur Umiejętności Kompetencji - wręczanie Holder of a prestigious award of the Śląskie Province, granted by the Regional Chamber of Commerce


Presented by Mr. Piotr Uszok, the President of the City of Katowice, and Mr. Michał Czarski, the Chairman of the Śląskie Province Regional Parliament (Sejmik)

Złoty Laur Umiejętności i Kompetencji
Złoty Laur Umiejętności Kompetencji - wręczanie1


Presented by Mr. Tadeusz Donocik, Deputy Chairman of the National Chamber of Commerce

WATYKAN 5 września 2001 roku

The title and statuette of the HONORARY SONATOR, presented to His Holiness the Pope John Paul II in person by the President of the "SONATA" Bogumił Łepecki Warsaw Symphony Orchestra – Mr. Jacek Łepecki.

The Vatican, September 5, 2001

Jego Eminencja Ks. Kardynał Józef Glemp Prymas Polski

His Eminence Cardinal Józef Glemp, the Primate of Poland

Eminencja Ks. Kardynał Józef Glemp Prymas Polski
I Żołnierz Najjaśniejszej RP Generał Franciszek Gągor szef sztabu Generalnego WP

The Prime Soldier of the Illustrious Republic of Poland, General Franciszek Gągor, Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces

Żołnierz Najjaśniejszej RP Generał Franciszek Gągor szef sztabu Generalnego WP
prof Brzeziski Jan Nowak Jezioranski

Music shall prevail – forever and always
Regardless of history and politics
East and West, North and South
Whatever the latitude and longitude
For music is a metaphysical phenomenon – an eternal birthright,
A constituent fragment of the human soul.

Professor Zbigniew Brzeziński, advisor to US Presidents, and Jan Nowak Jeziorański, the legendary Courier from Warsaw

Having steered the Orchestra through its history together with his father since 1989, director Jacek Łepecki, the son of the Orchestra's Patron, had to carry on with his task alone from 2001 onwards, taking the helm of a time-honoured institution which rests upon the strong foundations of family traditions that spans across generations and which has, through its lasting achievements, earned its reputation as one of the pillars of national culture through the promotion thereof in Poland, in Europe and worldwide.

For, as His Holiness Pope John Paul II has once said:

Culture is a form of self-expression of mankind and a way in which man can reassert his very humanity. For it is man who brings culture into being, and as he does so, through this culture he creates his very own self, an act of self-inception accomplished through an inner labour of the spirit, the mind, the will and the heart. Yet he does not create it alone – he brings it to life in conjunction with others. Culture is an expression of communication between people, of common thought and common action. It is forged for the sake of the common good, becoming the fundamental commodity of the communities that comprise humankind. Culture is, first and foremost, the common heritage of the nation that creates it, and so, for example, Polish culture is the foundation upon which rests the spiritual existence of all Poles. It is this culture that sets us Poles apart as a nation and determines our actions through our history – a force more potent that any tangible powers and any political boundaries".


Spotkanie J. i B. Łepeckich z Prezydentem Kaczorowskim
Nuncjusz Apostolski Ks Arcybiskup J. Kowalczyk

Referring to the words of the Apostolic Nuncio in Poland, Archbishop Józef Kowalczyk;

And looking towards the future of

Nuncjusz Apostolski w Polsce Ks. Arcybiskup Józef Kowalczyk


the "SONATA" Bogumił Łepecki Warsaw Symphony Orchestra

which continues to stand for


The upcoming quarter of a century will surely bring to its listeners a wealth of memorable moments and experiences both spiritually and artistically, while the Polish national culture shall continue to benefit from the activities of an institution founded on professionalism and artistic excellence.

In 2011, Mr. Jacek Łepecki was awarded the Knight's Cross of Polonia Restituta by the President of the Republic of Poland, Bronisław Komorowski, at the request of the Chapter of the Order of Polonia Restituta, for exceptional merit in the promotion and dissemination of musical culture and for his services to the veteran community.

Krzyż Kawalerski J. Łepecki Krzyż Kawalerski J. Łepecki

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